What is PERC?

In short, PERC, the Puna Emergency Radio Club, is An Amateur Radio Club created to enhance support for Emergency Communications and Community Resiliency. To support the local ham community with fellowship, group activities, amateur radio interests, education, and preparednes in public safety and emergency communications.

PERC is made up of your neighbors. PERC is 100% PRIVATELY FUNDED and TOTALLY NONPOLITICAL!.

PERC was created to fill a need for local community resiliency. We are here to help educate and open lines of communications between all stakeholders and communities. We are here to help individuals and families alike.

What is our purpose?

Can I be part of PERC?

Everyone, regardless of radio license or membership in other organizations is eligible and invited to become part of PERC. There are radio services such as FRS (Family Radio Service) that do not need a license, and PERC can help you learn what you need to get a license if you choose to do so.

Don’t have your Amateur radio license and want to get one? A little desire to communicate, and a little time to dedicate to learning is all you need. PERC will soon be offering Amateur Radio training to anyone interested. Please check this site and our Yahoo group website for more details.

How do I contact PERC?