Puna Emergency Radio Club

Our Mission:

An Amateur Radio Club created to interface the ham community through local, state, and Federal agencies to enhance support for Emergency Communications and Community Resiliency. To support the local ham community with fellowship, group activities, amateur radio interests, education, support for first responders including: CERT, Neighborhood Watch, VFD, and other stakeholders on public safety and emergency communications.

We are your neighbors.

We are 100% privately funded, totally non-political.

We started PERC to fill a need for local Community Resiliency.

We are here to help educate, open lines of communication between all stakeholders, and communities, help families & individuals.

We need a new PERC leader - and to re-establish a meeting time. If you are interested, please contact PERC on the raio, or e-mail the webmaster of this stie, or write PO BOX 1030, Mountain View, HI 96771

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