After last night's net

Share your thoughts and suggestions on what is (or should be) in your go-bag.

After last night's net

Postby radiopeg » 12 Jun 2014 08:41

I realized I don't have a personal go bag, you know, the one with my spare clothes and snacks and stuff for a shelter stay. I have had a hard time with the challenge of our moister environment. It is important. I am going to be working on it. Radio stuff is good to go, and that's a start. The other thing is house preparedness. With as much glass as I have in this house, I will be purchasing copious amounts of duct tape. And plywood as we can afford it. The other thing I am going to add for consideration is the personal document storage. After hearing from one Iniki survivor, having a duplicate copy of insurance and mortgage and other personal documents is now on my list. Tax records? Contact phone numbers? I now have a bank safe deposit box, and will be putting some originals there. Other suggestions?
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